7 strategies for staff engagement

Motivating and engaging the people who work for you shouldn’t require bundles of policies and procedures. All it really takes is the willingness to do things differently, communicate better and be more collaborative.

Here are our 7 top strategies all of them low-cost and easy to start implementing today that can help you engage your people and improve your working environment.

1. Trust your people
No-one likes working in an atmosphere of mistrust and secrecy. Employees who know what your goals are, and how you’re planning to get there, along with any difficulties you might face along the way, are more likely to respect you, work hard for you and encourage others to do the same.

2. Do as you do
The most effective way to engage your people is for them to see you leading with the kind of behaviours you expect your company to have. Managers who dictate those expectations but don’t demonstrate them generate resentment. Showing is better than telling.

3. Be appreciative
A little appreciation goes a long way. Surveys show that most employees rate a good working environment as highly as their salary, and that includes being appreciated for the work they do. From saying ‘thank you’ to rewarding great work with certificates, regular awards or surprise presentations, showing gratitude can transform a workplace.

4. Encourage feedback
It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that your people are full of good ideas. They may bring experience or expertise from previous roles; they may be natural problem solvers and innovators; they may have a creative streak that you haven’t discovered yet. Asking for feedback positive and negative and for solutions to problems involves your employees directly in the health and success of your business and removes one of the biggest sources of employee discontent: not being listened to.

5. Recruit for attitude
Businesses across the UK waste hundreds of thousands of pounds because of poor recruitment choices. Often, that’s because the new recruit who may have all the skills you need is a poor fit for your company’s culture. It’s often better to recruit someone who will bring the right attitude to your business, and give them the additional skills they need. You’ll save money, and you’ll win employee loyalty because you’ve invested in their career.

6. Encourage learning
There are lots of companies who give their employees time to develop skills, but some go further and encourage their people to follow their own projects or innovate outside their 9-5 role. Employees benefit from the freedom to discover new talents or put their skills to a different use for the business and your business benefits by nurturing talent you may not have known existed. Companies who do this have discovered new products, services and sales channels by encouraging this behaviour.

7. Be sociable
Research shows that sociable businesses are successful businesses. From charity cake sales to nights out; sports clubs to adventure days, getting sociable helps everyone to get to know each other better and creates a stronger team culture.

Adopt any one of these strategies and you could be on the way to better employee engagement think about going further and you could make a significant and positive impact on your business.

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