How happiness boosts productivity

How happiness boosts productivity

If your employees are motivated to get up and come to work in the morning; if they find a positive, supportive working environment when they get there, and if they feel appropriately rewarded for the work they do, the chances are they’ll work harder without even realising it.

That’s because happy people are productive people. Studies have shown that, on average, people who are happy at work are 12% more productive than average, whilst those who are unhappy are 10% less productive. That can make a huge difference to the atmosphere within your business and its overall success.

More than the money

Creating a happy environment for your employees is about more than financial rewards. Whilst a fair wage is important as is ensuring equality of pay across the various levels in your business happiness, it seems, comes from a wide range of other factors. These include:

  • Employee support from managers who really take the time to get to know their staff, to additional perks like on-site massages or exercise classes, employees who feel supported and cared for are more likely to be happy.
  • Co-worker support encouraging a culture of supporting each other is also important. From social committees to mentoring, there are many ways that co-workers can support each other both professionally and personally to increase happiness levels.
  • The little things sometimes it’s the smaller things that make people happier at work. It could be free fruit in the kitchen, an early finish on a Friday; the day off for your birthday or support to raise money for your favourite charity.

Happy and glorious

So what happens when employees are happier? Research suggests that they become more collaborative and creative, which in turn produces new ways of doing things, new perspectives on existing challenges and a greater feeling of satisfaction. It’s also been suggested that happy employers take on leadership roles with more confidence and build better relationships with colleagues and clients alike. They make better decisions and are likely to be more loyal to the business in the long term.

Engaging your employees is often about the way you communicate with and listen to them. In fact, this is fundamental to your people feeling valued. To find out more about how the Mint Central app can help you do this just by making better use of your smartphone, take a look at our website today.
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