How to engage the future workforce now


The workforce has changed drastically over the past decade. The concept of all employees working at their desk within the confines of an office is quickly changing. Staff are required to work in teams remotely, on multi-site businesses or outside office hours, abroad, even working with ‘virtual’ employees. The emergence of the gig economy in 2009 has made communicating, keeping tabs on and engaging an often fragmented and diverse workforce tricky at the best of times.


According to a recent report by Deloitte, 77 million millennials (more than half the workforce) expect a mobile work environment, and want to be provided with the right tools, applications and files to achieve a job on the go, anytime. Utlising applications to combine aspects of technology and HR such as an employee engagement app ensures key learning can be achieved anywhere, anytime, in an engaging manner, and in a format that is accessible to all.


Here are 3 top tips to engage your future workforce, whether they are off-site, lone workers, full-time or part-time staff:


Communicate in real-time

Make sure all staff members are up to speed with the latest goings on in the company, whether sales targets have been met, something needs fixing, or a staff member is running late, give the whole organisation a heads up. Communicating in a clear and transparent way in real-time to your co-workers reduces the likelihood for confusion or false assumptions made.


Learn in novel ways

Use gamification aspects within your corporate app to provide fun and novel ways for staff to learn company information and training. Gain valuable insights for future improvement but also gain insights on how to personalise the work environment to suit the employee, such as improving work stations and which teams work well together.


Empower employees

Empowering employees to be able to work anywhere and anytime using a staff app to create, edit and share content on the go. Sometimes, being out of the office or in a different environment can spark a great idea and can prove more productive. This can be shared in real time.


The MintCentral app can do all of this and more. Explore how by watching the MintCentral video and learn how this application can help your business today by booking a personalised demo of the app. 


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