How to incorporate employee engagement into your workplace strategy


How do you improve your business’ bottom line? Each business has its own nuances, needs and wants and one of the many steps a business can take to increase profits is to find ways to improve staff engagement. Do a deep dive and delve into what an engaged employee really looks like. Whilst an employee may be engaged and doing work, they may not be completely committed, fulfilled or sufficiently challenged. Finding and addressing the source of disengagement with people and implementing the right processes and technology in HR can help teams be more productive, positively impacting overall business success. 

Engaging work environments  

The likes of Silicon Valley tech companies have ensured their headquarters are designed to optimise performance by creating uplifting and inspiring surroundings. Health and wellness is a major priority, along with ensuring team members having the best tools at their disposal to do the job make for happy employees. It’s worth incorporating strategies to improve employee engagement. 


You may not have the finance to rival these tech companies but budgets aside, this mindset of looking at how and why employees work better and using data driven insights and real-time employee surveys to engage, empower and ensure your workforce works smarter is well worth doing. 

Happy employees positively impact business profits


According to Forbes, engaged employees generate 20% more in sales, 21% more in profitability and are 50% less likely to leave than their disengaged colleagues. The stock prices of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work for" rose 14% per year from 1998 to 2005.


There are a plethora of tools, methods and workplace tech, from introducing plants in the office, a whole new office design, or even lighting which is specifically designed to align with the weather. 


A more realistic and feasible option is to implement an employee engagement app to streamline communications, provide important information and training on the go, whilst also providing a ‘heads’ up’ to remote workers, part-time staff or new starters. Whilst it’s imperative to ensure the working space is optimised, these days, the workforce is increasingly fragmented and therefore it’s vital to have information and files to work on at your fingertips, via your desktop or smartphone. 


Using an employee engagement app such as MintCentral enables buy-in from management and staff members to be achieved by easy access to customer service, rigorous training before/after installation and tech support. Try it today by booking a personalised demo of the app. 


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