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A worrying 12.5 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016/17. Low employee engagement and staff retention, new processes, evolving industry landscapes and home pressures can all accumulate, impacting an already high-pressured role, creating significant work-related stress. Many of the causes cited in Health and Safety Executive are increased workloads, lack of support and changes occurring at work.

Retail, hospitality, the legal professional, and the NHS are arguably some of the most challenging, fast-paced and stressful work environments to be a part of. How can staff and employers work together to counteract these challenges in a mindful way, to bring together and engage the workforce? Recognising and supporting mental wellbeing helps to improve employee advocacy, increases staff retention and helps increase productivity.  

The MintCentral app supports HR operations, internal comms managers and general managers, in sectors ranging from HR to hospitality, to better manage and support, improve communication and workflows. Wellness in the workplace is a key element that many business owners and organisations need to harness, if they haven’t taken steps already.

Here are four employee engagement and wellbeing business benefits which are worth implementing into your organisation, by using a staff engagement app:

Gamified challenges and tailored feedback:

The MintCentral employee engagement app includes questionnaire functionality, feedback and incentives. Learning key company processes, staff training, self-development courses and information on the go, in an informal way at convenient times, ensures learning is more achievable. Also, content learned in this way is more likely to be retained, compared to one off training days.

Time off requests and work patterns:

By empowering employees to update and manage staff holidays and shift rota requests instantaneously, anytime and from anyway, serves to help resolve staff shortages and personal issues quickly and efficiently.

Easy access to company information:

Employees can quickly and securely gain access to safeguarding help, emergency procedures, updated company information and first aid training, all at the click of a button via the app.  

Manage team with workforce insights:

The ability to review employee interactions, flag issues or report success and generate feedback analysis, allows managers to remotely rectify incoming issues in an agile way before items reach crisis.   


Whilst adopting technology tools into your business wellness strategy is a great step, it’s important not to lose sight of communication, culture and harnessing supportive networks. The integration of all the key mentioned aspects, blending the positives and optimising to achieve the best results are all key to elements to success.

The MintCentral app can do all of this and more. Explore how by watching the MintCentral video and learn how this application can help your business today by booking a personalised demo of the app. 


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