Recruit for attitude, train for skills

Recruit for attitude, train for skills

There’s something that truly successful businesses have in common: how they recruit, develop and treat their people. A forward-thinking business doesn’t just fill a role; it looks for the right people people who will help the business to succeed in the long term.

Why attitude matters

Often, the success of a company is built on its culture. Your culture may be formal or informal; it might require high levels of education, or it might need the benefit of hands-on, practical skills. You may need people with empathy for others, or you might need highly analytical, results-based people. Usually, a successful business needs all of these things, so understanding what attitudes and personality traits you need for each role is vital in hiring the right person.

Attitude matters because someone may have the right skills, but simply doesn’t fit with the business. Attitude is a much harder thing to change so you may find you have to let the skilled person go and start from scratch with your recruitment process. And that’s expensive.

Instead, choose someone with the right attitude, some relevant experience although not necessarily in your sector and then give them the skills to do their job well. Continue to invest in that person’s individual success with training and development, and you’ll find you have a happy, motivated, productive and loyal employee.

How to spot the right attitude

You need to make sure that attitude-hunting is at the heart of your recruitment process. And that means talking to your HR department, or bringing in an expert to help you get things right. You’ll need to define the sort of attitude and approach you’re looking for and to make it clear what doesn’t work for your business. That will enable you to weed people out during the application stage, giving you a shortlist of people who have already demonstrated that they might have what you need.

During the interview process, look for people who have the spirit, flare, attention to detail, passion, concern whatever combination of factors you’re looking for. Use techniques, questionnaires, tasks and direct questions to find out what you need to know. It might take a bit of time, but if it populates your business with the right people from the start, you’ll save money, create a great workplace and give your business a real boost.

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