Right person, wrong job?

Right person, wrong job?

Sometimes, an employee who seems unhappy or unproductive may just be in a role that doesn’t suit their skills or abilities. Changing that could be all it takes to re-motivate them, which will increase productivity and allow you to recruit a more suitable person for the original role.

It’s a common thing for employers to overlook this possibility, and just assume that the person in question isn’t right for the business at all, but if you do this, you’ve missed a trick, and may be spending money on recruitment and internal dismissal procedures when you really don’t need to.

How do you know when to make a change?

Good employers are constantly communicating with the people they work with. Of course, when you’re running a large firm, you can’t necessarily be personally involved in the recruitment, development and welfare of everyone you employ but you should put processes, procedures and a culture in place that makes sure your managers and team leaders do exactly that.

Why? Because taking the time to get to know your people helps you to understand why they might not be performing at their best. If someone in a sales support role is struggling, for example, it could just be that they find cold calling extremely difficult. Move them to a role where they don’t need to do that particular job and you may find that they flourish and grow and deliver huge value to your business and meanwhile you can recruit someone to the sales role that finds cold calling a dream job.

Here are two things you can do right now that could help make your people happier and your workplace more productive:

  • Improve your communications one personal development review a year just isn’t enough. Whilst it might work for formal goal setting and measuring, it doesn’t look after your staff in the meantime. Bring in informal chats, train your leaders in how to recognise the signs of stress or unhappiness in a role, and you’ll find you can catch these issues earlier and find a way to solve them.
  • Recruit for attitude, not skill your business needs a certain type of person; one with the right attitudes to the work, to the company in general and to your clients or customers. If you make sure that you take attitude into account, you will hire the best people for your business training them in the right skills can start once they are with you. This reduces the potential for putting people in the wrong roles and allows you to be far more confident about the contribution people can make to your business.

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