The intranet in your pocket

The intranet in your pocket

With the increase in home working and remote working, it’s important that businesses and employees have ways to communicate easily and effectively. That’s why the latest intranet systems are built around ensuring that every employee has access via their smartphone or tablet.

This trend towards the ‘intranet in your pocket’ means that intranet design has moved much more towards the type of structure people might expect to see in their commercial apps, giving them the ability to navigate easily, add comments and thoughts to pages, send images, ask questions and much more.

Why does this matter to my business?

Whatever business you’re in, this is a trend that you can adopt and make work positively for your leadership team and your employees. Here are just a few examples of the ways a state-of-the-art intranet can help you:

  • Workers in the field from off-site engineers to lone care workers, it’s important for both safety and efficiency that employers can keep in touch with staff working outside the business premises. Your intranet can let you communicate in real-time with field workers, give them access to relevant information and allow them to log recent jobs, report faults, send pictures where necessary and add up-to-date information to projects.

  • Home workers whether you have staff working from home occasionally or on a full-time basis, keeping in touch allows you to be confident about their ability to carry out their role, and allows them to feel connected to the business. Having a corporate intranet app on their phone, tablet and desktop means they are always in touch, rather than feeling ‘out of the loop’.

  • Sales and business development teams people in this part of your business are often on the road, or travelling overseas. The ability to update project plans, report conversations, feedback on presentations or collaborate with colleagues for a swift response means that your teams are in a stronger position, making your business potentially more competitive.

Making use of the technology that most of your staff will already use means that you are more likely to engage them with using the intranet, and that it will be second nature for them to use it interactively and effectively. You will need to ensure that it is up-to-date and reflects your business practices so that employees can get the very most from using it, but with good planning, good training and good technical support, your intranet could be in every pocket, helping you to keep performing at your best.

To find out more about how this could work in your business, talk to us about Mint Central today.
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