Time to up your intranet game?

Once your business gets beyond a certain size - or if you have a regular workforce that’s out in the field or operating remotely - you’ll need an intranet. This is your internal communications system, which helps you to keep in touch with people, distribute company information and help your business to run smoothly. But is your intranet out of date?

There are two main issues here:

1. Businesses that have an existing intranet system which doesn’t meet their needs.
2. Businesses that don’t have an intranet but need one.

Existing intranets

There are a number of intranet systems on the market and many businesses with their own IT departments simply build their own. Like any piece of software, an intranet is designed around the needs and operations of the business at the time of design, and may not have the flexibility to account for business growth, a change in working practices or a change in culture. Ask yourself these questions about your current intranet:

  • Is it accessible from a smartphone?
  • Is the design engaging?
  • Are there ways for staff to communicate with each other?
  • Is it clearly set out so that people can find their way round easily?
  • Does it reach out to remote or home workers?
  • Is it integrated with your external brand?

If your current intranet is mostly text-based, doesn’t use a responsive or mobile-first design and is difficult to navigate, it isn’t being as effective as you want it to be. So it might be time to up your game.

Intranet-free businesses

Whilst it’s absolutely true that businesses with just a few employees don’t need an intranet shouting across the office is fine there becomes a definite need once the business grows. An intranet allows you to do the nice things like organise a staff party, but it also helps you to communicate the important things changes in HR policy; key company events on the horizon; new contract wins and next steps; gather feedback from your people; conduct quick online surveys that help to define your future.

And today’s intranets are smart they look good and they work brilliantly. Built to work for your company’s needs, and with a flexible approach that allows you to develop your intranet as your business grows or changes, this is a positive cultural and HR tool that plays an important part in the success of your business.

To find out more about app-style intranet for your business, contact Mint Central today.
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