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A happy, motivated team is a key ingredient to business success. A business needs committed, hardworking team members who are prepared to offer professionalism and flexibility to deliver to clients. In return for these qualities and commitment a business must reciprocate and create a good work experience and work/life balance for its employees.

There are and always have been extreme cases where employees actively look to tarnish a business and behind these extreme cases there are many businesses where employees and employers are quietly disillusioned with each other, leading to a negative work environment and a lack of achievement.

How can a business ensure it has a committed and motivated workforce? Here are some tips to support, motivate and encourage your team.

Provide personal and professional goals

Include employees in their personal and professional development. Agreeing smart and achievable goals ensures the team can quickly and easily achieve and see progress, with the end goal in sight. This will motivate staff as they will see the progress in a clear and coherent way.  

Be flexible

Offer flexible working options where possible, such as the ability to work on the go or to work from home. Consider offering working hours that are flexed to better suit the employee. With smart phones and WiFi, it’s possible and sometimes more practical to work remotely and get the job done. In return for this flexibility, a good team member will offer a similarly flexible approach to the business.

Regularly check in with employees

One-on-one meetings, quick phone catch-ups and monthly review meetings are all great ways to follow the successes and pain points employees are experiencing and any roadblocks which need to be tackled. Implementing fun internal comms surveys can provide employees with a voice and a purpose. Having meetings frequently will ensure that any frustrations don’t build up.

…. there’s an app for that!

Another method to engage a workforce, whether it's a small team with differing schedules or a large, dispersed workforce, is by using a company branded app. An employee app is a perfect way to engage, communicate and train all levels of staff members, anytime and anywhere. It's also a great way to facilitate the above steps easily and make flexible working achievable for the employee and successful for the business. 

Discover how an employee engagement app can help your business today by booking a demo!

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