Why does staff engagement matter?

Happy employees do far more than just make your workplace a jolly place to be. They improve productivity, boost sales and keep your bottom line healthy so are you doing enough to keep your employees engaged?

People power

Where does the power lie in your business? You might suggest it’s with the people at the top the visionaries or the strategists. Or perhaps with the financial gurus, or whoever writes your business plans. But in fact, the power in your business lies with your people. They are the ones putting the plans into place; taking the vision and making it work; the frontline between you and your customers.

So, engaging your people with your business could be the difference between success and failure. Or, if you already think you’re successful, just how much better could it be if your workforce was really, truly engaged? Here’s why engagement matters:

  • It improves productivity studies have proved that employees who understand what your business is trying to achieve and their role in your success work harder.
  • It improves sales customer-facing staff who are motivated and happy in their work are better to do business with and are far more likely to win repeat and new business for you.
  • It improves retention why would people look for a new job when they love their existing one? Making your workplace somewhere special means less staff turnover and a much better working environment.
  • It improves recruitment good workplace ethics boost your reputational brand, making your business popular with applicants. This in turn raises the quality of people applying for jobs with you, adding to your skilled, motivated workforce.
  • It improves you if you’re a business owner or a manager, you have probably already encountered employee complaints, poor working atmospheres and problems with teamwork. Employee engagement is a two-way thing; if you create a positive and happy workspace, you will benefit from it in terms of your enjoyment of your daily work, and the commercial benefits it brings.

How to get started

If you think you could be doing more to engage your employees, why not start by taking a look at how you communicate? Poor communication is one of the things most often mentioned in staff surveys and personal feedback sessions. Are you telling your staff enough about the business? Are they able to communicate well with you? How could you make it easier for things to get done in your business? There are a lot of strategies and tools around that can help you to do things smarter, helping your business to benefit from highly engaged employees.
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