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MintCentral helps you keep in touch with your people on a day-to-day basis,
in whatever way is best for you.
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De-clutter your Inbox and deliver information more effectively
Send posts out to specific groups and know who's read the message
Keep social plans separate from normal work communication
Allow everyone in a project team to update in real time
Get up-to-date feedback so you can make better decisions
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Rectify problems quickly, saving time and money
Boost morale with immediate shout-outs and rewards

These are just some ways MintCentral can help.


Training people in multiple locations

Lucy and Keith run a vehicle hire business. They have 12 offices and over 100 cars, vans and trucks out on the road every day.

They want a way to deliver training to their drivers and office staff, who can rarely take time away for traditional training. 

They use their branded MintCentral app to deliver training, update and download vehicle hire and return checklists and to report any damage to their vehicles so they can be fixed and back on the road as soon as possible.

Information at your fingertips

The Scenic Waterways Trust maintains the environment around a 25-mile stretch of canal, navigation and river. It relies on volunteers to help with the work, and to run visitor days.

It can be hard to know which volunteers are working and where they are. The Trust also needs to be able to answer questions from walkers, cyclists, families and waterway users at any time.

Using MintCentral, the Trust has created a repository of useful visitor information that volunteers can access from their phones so they can always answer queries or point visitors in the right direction. Volunteers can also check-in at various locations and say what type of work they are doing, and use the picture and video functions to take pictures for environmental purposes, but also for the Trust’s social media pages.


Improving customer service

Waldgate Manor Hotel is a country hotel set in over 100 acres of ground. It has 64 bedrooms, events facilities and a spa. There are 45 full-time staff and 15 part-time staff in the team.

Shift work means that it can be difficult to keep track of reporting problems. This can mean a slow response for maintenance and repair, which leads to complaints from customers.

The hotel uses the MintCentral  Heads Up feature to allow all employees to report a fault, damage or missing items to the maintenance team. They can then prioritise their work, making sure that issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Customers get a better experience, complaints go down and the hotel sees an upward trend in repeat bookings. As an added, unexpected bonus, staff motivation is also improved because people feel they are listened to and the problems they report are fixed.


Where caring counts

Ex-NHS nursing manager, George, now runs a private company offering high quality care people with a range of needs, in their own homes.

The carers who work for him usually work alone and sometimes face challenging conditions. He needs a reliable way to know where his carers are at any point during their rounds, and to be informed when there might be particular issues that need to involve family members, the local health service or the social care team.

By using MintCentral, George and his admin team can see exactly where people are on their rounds, so that if anything happens to them or their patient, he can get help there quickly. He can also send out relevant information to carers who have patients with certain conditions -" dementia, addiction problems or mobility issues for example -" with dedicated information, updates and resources to help them give the best possible care.

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