The Staff engagement solution


One app for your entire organisation.

The Staff engagement solution


One app for your entire organisation.


Your Home Screen

Easily set up what shows on your app home screen including categories and Heads Up. You can even have multiple home screens for different audiences so that information is kept relevant.
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Heads Up - Instant notifications anywhere, anytime

Take action quickly. If any of your team spot a problem or want to share a success, they can use heads up to take a picture, add text and send to the relevant departments. For mobile devices this feature includes push notifications for faster response.
Information & files at your fingertips

Connect your staff with important information & documents no matter their location. MintCentral gives you the ability to share images, videos and files with staff and departments instantaneously. Give access to safeguarding help, emergency procedures, first aid or training at the click of a button
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Create your Posts

Quickly create engaging Posts for your team easily . With our intuitive Drag and Drop, you can fill a Post with headings, text, images, video, PDFs and much more.
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Create interactive content to communicate with staff

With our content engagement feature staff are able to like, rate, confirm attendance and respond to news and interactive content instantaneously. With the ability to include text, images and videos, you can quickly get valuable staff feedback on company announcements.
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Useful contact information on the go

Create a directory of useful contact information for your employees to view conveniently on all devices. Contact fields include name, email address, telephone number, department and display image. A contacts visibility can be filtered at both individual and department level.

Choose your audience

Ensure your posts are seen by the correct members of your team by creating groups. They'll receive notifications of new posts whenever you want and can send you feedback within the app.
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Personalise & fully brand your solution

MintCentral is fully customisable enabling you to apply your companies branding throughout the system. Configure the home screen colours, logo, icons and navigation to suit your individual needs on all devices. You can even have multiple home screens for different audiences.
Manage administrative tasks with ease in the admin dashboard

The administrative dashboard allows management, moderation and monitoring of content, notifications, user activity, and statistics. Oversee users and groups ensuring the correct employees have access to the correct content. With our quick Drag & Drop functionality you can create engaging posts for your team filled with text, images, videos and more.
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